Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Crick crick sound when the steering wheel in Belik

Know some of the factors that make the sound barriers sound in 4 wheel vehicles ,
But we will discuss the position of the car when parking ( street walkin ) when the steering wheel on a swivel stop walkin , krk krk krk sound , rich in disease is usually when your car road gravel roads also give no trouble ,
if it was another problem again
 Well my experience in the field who often met at REK electrically caused due MOTOR problematic , because the dirty can be also started to wear out because the ball bearing

But above diseases walkin apply for car nissan grand livina for diseases such as the above could be broken rubber crossmember ,
( click here ) for more details

For more details about the above problems can be seen below on the motor previw troubled rek
Images that we take the wheel rek FORD FIESTA for troubled in Fond Fiesta

For the motor electrically previw as below
Perhaps some of the above problems can help resolve the problem that is being experienced in your car


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